The Cartoon Heroine Perils Page

     This page is dedicated to displaying scenes of cartoon heroines caught in
perilous situations captured from a wide variety of animated features.
     All video captures on this page were made either from shows broadcast on
network television as kids programming or are from video footage that could
have passed muster under the current TV censorship rules.  In other words if
you're looking for animated nudity and/or sex you're in the wrong place.  But
if you have a warm place in your heart for the damsel in distress scenes from
saturday morning TV or from more contemporary shows then you might want to
have a look around.  You'll find little text from this point on.  That's
because I maintain several much wordier pages so I chose to make this one as
minimalist as possible so I'd have one I could maintain just by plugging in
fresh pictures.  So enjoy the vidcaps and drop me a line if you have any
specific questions.

Updated June 24 2001 Added Aeon Flux, Mac, Mana, Princess Kahm, Ryoko, Sachiko, Yohko Zote and more Sailor Moon & Wonder Woman.
Updated July 30 2001 Added Ai, Anice, Nell & more Miscellaneous
Currently Available

Aeon Flux Let's Do The Timewarp Again!
Ai (Cat's Eye) My Sisters Will Never Let Me Forget This! - NEW
AIKa / Agent Aika "Everybody loves me baby, what's the matter with you?"- Dr. Hagen
"Just a few tests, Ms. Sumeragi" - Rei
Akane Aikawa (Maho Tsukai Tai!) Nobody told me they were hunting down the Magic Club!

Akane Tendo (Ranma 1/2) "Nothing personal but I can't have the two of you interfering!"
Who wants to marry a Prince?
Martial Arts Flower Arranging?!
Saved! Sort of ...
I expected to be a spectator, not a trophy!
Duck and Cover!
Amelia (The Slayers) Note to self, avoid intense introspection in hostile territory!
Why do I always have to be the bait?
American Maid (The Tick) "Now I have to feed her to the sharks and we still haven't had a real tourist!"
Angela (Gargoyles) Pyramid Problems
Anice Farm (Borgman) Apart From the Demons This School Trip Is Running Smoother Than Usual - NEW
So Much For Putting All The Megalomaniacs Behind Me After I Retired! - NEW
April (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) Rescued yet again!
Ayeka (Tenchi Muyo!) Having a Pirate for a Rival is Bound to be Trouble!
Betty (Archie) Pickles of Perline
Betty & Veronica (Archie's Weird Mysteries) Save the Environment, Recycle Your Customers!
Cybersix "The Flooding Room. It's Classic!"
Circus of the Scars
Devil Hunter Yohko Yohko springs the Demon teacher's trap
Elisa Maza (Gargoyles) Pyramid Problems
Excel (Weird Anime Excel Saga) It's a Jungle out there!
Himiko (Himiko-den) Celebrate after untying me!
Jean Grey (X Men) Some Honeymoon!
Looks like it's tentacle time, Rogue!
Sinister & the Savage Land
Jessica Rabbit (Roger Rabbit) Curses, foiled again
Josie & the Pussycats Are We Ever Going to Have a Gig Without a Mad Scientist Nearby?

I Guess Not!

Melody : No Brain = No Brainwash

Jubei-chan/Jiyu Nanohara (Jubei-chan : Secret of the Lovely Eyepatch) Maybe confronting the Ninja Master before transforming wasn't such a good idea

Jubilee (X Men) Welcome to Mutanthood!

This Isn't The Mutant Rights Rally, Is It?

The Perils of Jubilation Lee (or are they?)

Maybe Teaming Up With Iceman Wasn't Such A Hot Idea!

Jun Fudo (Devilman Lady) That's the second time this series I've fallen for the drugged coffee
Kaori Makimura (Cityhunter) Lucky for me they alway explain their plan before shooting!
Kei (Dirty Pair) "No Mr. Bond, I Expect You To Die!
Kei (Dirty Pair Flash) I would have sworn I got in undetected!
Kiyone (Tenchi Muyo) "Mihoshi, I Will Kill You!"
Laser Tag Academy
Transformation peril
They weren't kidding about watching out for farm machinery!
Leela (Futurama)
"Chain her to the post! And rip her shirt a little."
Lilandra (X Men) "An Empress's Ransom!"
Linna Yamazaki (Bubblegum Crisis {Original Version}) Lousy Way to Treat Your Sister's Best Friend, Ms. Superstar!
Lois Lane Magical Mayhem
Mac (Spy Groove) "Could You Hurry Up and Save Me? I'm Late For My Shift"
Mana (Mermaid Forest) You Couldn't Find Rope So You Used Barbed Wire?!
Mei Ling (3 x 3 Eyes) We all have to make sacrifices
Miki (Cityhunter) Tick, Tick, Tick
Merrill Strife & Millie Thompson (Trigun) The Hazards of Insurance Investigation
Miscellaneous Damsels For those who only got one shot at the spotlight
Chigako (Devil Hunter Yohko)
Who's that girl? Damned if I know (Centurions)
Professor Ichibana (The Tick)
Unlucky Aide (X Men)
Julia (X Men)
Morlocks (X Men)
The Artist's Unluck Fan-girls (Devilman Lady #13)
Beauty Pagent Contestants (Lupin III #18)
The Replaced Wrestler(Outlaw Star #18)
The Substituted Teacher (Don't Leave Me Alone Daisy #2)
The Abducted Girlfriend (The Samurai)
Minor Incidents (Love Hina))
Space cop has a bad day (Thundercats)
Accept Our Sacrifice, Oh Mighty Astrotrain! (Transformers)
Amy Lean (Moldiver) - NEW
Ariette Robert (Cat's Eye) - NEW
Snidley's Victims (Dudley Do-Right) - NEW
Momiji Fujima (Blue Seed) Chased by tentacles in High School! Thank Kami this isn't a hentai show!
Ms. Hinako (Ranma 1/2) Ring around the teacher!
Ms. Marvel (X Men) Mind War!
Nanako Schichigusa (Amazing Nurse Nanako) Why me?
Nell Fenwick (Dudley Do-Right) Saw She's A Jolly Good Fellow ... - NEW
Tracking Down The Real Nell - NEW
Penelope Pitstop The Cliffhanger

What a Croc!

Torpedos Away!

A Streetcar Named Distress

Life(& Death) Preserver

It's A Grand Old Flag(pole)

Taffy Trouble

Miscellaneous Shots

Princess Golita (Galtar & the Golden Lance) The Stakeout

The Bagging

The Dungeon

Princess Kahm (Outlanders) "So I Said, "Daddy, You Wouldn't Dare Try To Execute My Boyfriend And Throw Me Into A Dungeon'!"
Psylocke (X Men) "What is this? A Sci-Fi Convention?"

Ranma 1/2 I don't wanna be bait!
I didn't volunteer! Akane threw me into the ring
Rogue (X Men) A Case For Treatment!
Ryoko (Tenchi Muyo!) When Your Mother's A Mad Scientist "Family Bonding" Takes On A Whole New Meaning!
Sae Sawanoguchi (Maho Tsukai Tai!) I think I made them angry!

Sachiko (8Man After) Why Do I Keep Getting Involved With Cyborg PIs? They're Nothing But Trouble
Sailor Moon & Friends Assorted Sailor Moon Screenshots
"Day of Destiny" - The Cut Scenes
Deathbusters - First Strike!
Assorted Sailor Moon Screenshots 2
Sailor Uranus & Neptune - Bad Hair Day!
Sailor Moon R the Movie
Assorted Sailor Moon Screenshots 3
Assorted Sailor Moon Screenshots 4
Shocking Sailor Moon Screenshots
Sailor Moon vs Tuxedo Mask
Gooey Sailor Moon Screenshots
Assorted Sailor Moon Screenshots 5
Sarah Bellum (Powerpuff Girls) We finally see her face, too bad she's dressed as Sedusa

Scarlet Witch (Avengers) The New Salem Witch Trial


Daddy Dearest
Do you always hit on handcuffed women, Prince Namor?
She-Ra & Friends Pre-Transformation Problems
Friend in Need
Captured by Hordak's Captain
Captured by the Cat-People
Shinesman Pink (Shinesman) "I can't lose to her! She's got bad hair!"
Storm (X Men) Who Picked Genosha For a Vacation?

Patient or Prisoner?

Sauron Induced Psychosis

Teela (Masters of the Universe) Problems a plenty
Evilin joins the fun
Tiara (Shamanic Princess) Tiara vs Lena

Transformed Tiara vs Possessed Lena

Tiara's Showdown with Yold's Doppleganger

Tigra (Avengers) I'm phobic about water and they send me to freaking ATLANTIS!
Lieutenant Uhura Talk About a Witch-hunt!

Veronica (Archie's Weird Mysteries) She's no Couch Potato!
Wonder Woman The Framed Amazon
"You're A Wonder, Wonder Woman ..." - Everybody Sing!
X-Men A Touch of Brimstone
Savage Land, Savage Welcome
Yohko Noto Zote (Bastard!) I Really Hate It When Dark Schneider's Old Buddies Drop By Uninvited!
Yuna Kagurazaka (Galaxy Fraulein Yuna) You're under arrest, you moron!
Villainesses Why Should The Good Girls Have All the Fun?
Deathbird (X Men)

Vertigo (X Men)

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